Syracuse Democrats choose Joe Nicoletti as party's candidate for mayor

Syracuse Democrats choose Joe Nicoletti as party's candidate for mayor

The Syracuse Democrats have chosen Joe Nicoletti as their party's candidate for mayor.

This is Nicoletti's fourth run for mayor and after winning the Democratic seat on Saturday he was overwhelmed with emotion.

"I'm very flattered and honored to be able to represent my party but more importantly for the opportunities given to me to speak for the people of our community and to work with our community to make it a better place," Nicoletti explained.

The now at-large Common Councilor wants to focus on rebuilding the city of Syracuse with a "neighborhood mayor."

"I think the mayor needs to be a neighborhood mayor," Nicoletti said. "I think the office should be someone who has the ability to have relationships on the federal, state and local level."

Along with Nicoletti there were seven other Democrats seeking the party's endorsement including Raymond Blackwell, Alfonso Davis, Chris Fowler, Marty Masterpole and Juanita Perez Williams.

According to the Democratic Committee, Nicoletti was nominated after winning in the second round of voting in a close battle with Andrew Maxwell.

Maxwell fell just short of the nomination only receiving 48% of the votes, while Nicoletti received 51%.

"I have not made any decisions yet about a primary. I will be taking time to talk with my family, friends and supports about the future," Maxwell commented following Saturday's vote. "Right now I want to thank my supporters and congratulate Joe Nicoletti on securing the Democratic designation."

Alfonso Davis earned only 1% of the vote and Democrats Marty Masterpole and Juanita Perez Williams withdrew from the designation race after the first round.

Davis released the following statement after Nicoletti's endorsement by the Democratic Party:

I would like to congratulate Mr. Nicoletti on receiving the democratic designation from the party. While the Democratic committee votes to provide democratic representation for the party, it is but a microcosm of the great people of this city. The people should ultimately decide who they want to represent the democratic party in November. With that being said I look forward to a well spirited primary in September.

Perez Williams also released a statement saying she will continue her campaign through the primary in September:

I congratulate the nominee, and everyone who participated in this process. Our fight does not end here and I am excited to take my message to democrats across the city. As a former Lt. Commander in the Navy, I know you can lose a battle, but win the war. I intend to be a voice for everyone in this city, especially women and families.

Other parties have already selected their candidates. Laura Lavine was endorsed by the Republicans, Ben Walsh is running as an independent and Howie Hawkins plans to run with Green Party.

The primary will take place in four months on September 12th with the general election on November 7th.

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