Syracuse DPW crews tackling massive demand after hundreds of pothole complaints

DPW crews work to repair potholes on Madison Street in Syracuse.

Syracuse's Department of Public Works is working to fill the city's estimated 5,000 to 8,000 potholes.

Since Tuesday, workers have been receiving even more pothole reports after the city established a pothole hotline and email address.

"Every street in the city seems like it has potholes on it," said DPW Supervisor Kevin Hunter.

Crews have filled more than 450 potholes since Monday, but workers say the actual number is higher because they stop to patch additional potholes as they drive. They estimate filling roughly 150-200 potholes each day. The number of potholes in the city is higher this year because of the longer, colder winter.

"It's going to take a little bit of time to get all of them complete with the high volume of complaints that have come in over the last three days," said Hunter.

Crews begin by blowing debris out of potholes, then filling the hole with an oil emulsion and stones. Cars driving over the stones and emulsion then help to set the mixture in place.

DPW is also asking drivers to be mindful of crews on the road. "You're just wide open," Hunter explained. "There's no buffer. A car's not paying attention...The operator is out there working, and it could turn really bad. Just be aware, be cautious."

DPW hopes to have all the potholes filled in by the fall.

You can report potholes in Syracuse by emailing, calling 448-CITY (2489) or tweeting @Syracuse1848.