Syracuse families prepared to wait for hours to see President Obama

Barack Moustafa of Syracuse, at head of line to see President Barack Obama.

4-year-old Barack Moustafa has no idea what a 17 hour wait will feel like. He is at the head of the line that begins with a sign that reads "President Obama Tickets Line Starts Here." It's tacked to the entrance to the Sunnycrest Ice Rink that sits right next door to Syracuse's Henninger High School.

Barack Moustafa was born just after President Obama was elected. His mother named him after the president elect. Now that his namesake is coming to their neighborhood she felt it was important to be first in line to make sure they get their one free ticket per person to see the president Thursday.

By 9:00 pm Monday evening a couple dozen people had settled in for the overnight wait. Some sat in folding chairs. Others had portable cots. Smartphones and game boys were providing entertainment. Take out from McDonald's was the nourishment.

The gathered group was mostly mothers with children in tow. They recognize this visit from the president as a moment of a lifetime. They want to experience it along with their children.

One child with a smile beaming ear to ear over this adventure, a boy named Barack who is growing up in Syracuse, New York.

(Note: we corrected Barack's last name from our original report. We regret the error.)