Syracuse fans packing up and driving to D.C.

Orange fans are packing up their cars and heading to Washington, D.C.

Syracuse Orange fans are packing up and getting ready to cheer on their team Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C. against Marquette.

For some fans, the six-hour drive is an adventure. "We decided to meet here and just pack the car with what we think we need and you know, just go for it," said Matt Ural, who was packing his truck Friday afternoon in preparation for an early Saturday morning drive.

Some are headed to D.C. to see the Orange and search for tickets. "I don't have a ticket, no," said Paul Vavonese, also going down to D.C. with Ural. "I'm probably going to have to scalp them. Or, I've got some family down there so maybe off of Craigslist or something, put something together. If not, at least I'll be there when they win."

Syracuse is facing Marquette on Saturday at 4:30pm at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

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