Syracuse girl burned playing internet fueled game "Ice and Salt Challenge"

Syracuse child burned from the Ice and salt challenge

A Syracuse mother was horrified to find out her daughter was playing a "game" that is gaining popularity thanks to the internet.

Her 13-year-old daughter may have third degree burns on her arm after doing the "Ice and Salt Challenge."

News reports from other parts of the country indicate the "game" involves kids showing off their pain threshold by wetting an area of skin then covering it with table salt, before applying pressure with an ice cube until the pain becomes so unbearable they stop.

"I am sick to my stomach over this," the mother told CNYcentral's Michael Benny. "Parents need to know about this because it can do serious damage and leave scars for life."

The child sees another doctor on Friday to determine a course of treatment.

A 12-year-old Pittsburgh boy is recovering from serious burns after doing it.

This is the explaination doctors give for why this is so dangerous: Typically water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but adding salt causes the freezing point to drop as low as 0 degrees. When applying ice, energy is pulled from what's nearby - in this case, heat from a kid's skin.

While "competitors" fight the urge to remove the ice, they risk further damage in the form of blisters, second-degree burns, or frostbite.

There are hundreds and hundreds of horrifying videos on Youtube uploaded by teenagers and young adults showing their toughness in the salt and ice challenge.