Syracuse group bids farewell to Ann Marie Buerkle

In a tongue and cheek way, a group of people gathered in Syracuse Thursday morning to say "Bon Voyage" to Republican Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle.

The group
, including members of Citizen Action of New York, met in front of the Federal Building on South Clinton Street to say goodbye as Buerkle returns to Washington for the lame duck session of Congress.

They asked Buerkle not to forget the following travel essentials:

· Ear Plugs: Drown out the noise from Special Interests advocating for the wealthiest 2%

· Compass: Help you stay the course toward protecting the middle class and standing up against tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%

· Travel Scissors: No more tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%

· Band-Aids: No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

· Sunscreen: Protect yourself from being burned by Members of Congress who care more about the wealthiest 2% than hard working middle class families

· Return Ticket: If you need to know what New Yorkers really need - come home and we'll remind you

And these key Travel Alerts:

· Protect your Pocketbook! Tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% will mean you pick up the tab for a $160,000 check for millionaires.

· Danger! Hands Off Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid! Consider the risk to health and retirement benefits - working people need more economic security not less.

As of Thursday morning, Buerkle had not conceded Tuesday's 24th Congressional race to Democrat Dan Maffei. He essentially claimed victory on Wednesday, thanking supporters for their help.

Maffei was elected to the House in 2008, only to lose to Buerkle by fewer than 700 votes in his 2010 bid for re-election.