Syracuse inspectors look into claim of imminent building collapse on Water Street

In response to a CNY Central exclusive report, a team of Syracuse officials conducted an inspection Wednesday of a building that may be in danger of collapse.

Three inspectors with the city's Codes Enforcement Department and the Fire Prevention Bureau took a close look at the building at the intersection of East Water and South Townsend Streets.

Wednesdayâ??s report featured a complaint by John Kuppermann who owns Smith Restaurant Supply, which is across the street from the abandoned building.

Kuppermann is calling upon City Hall to take immediate action because he says the building is in imminent danger of collapse.

Kuppermann showed CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon an area of the building that has already caved in, sections where bricks are falling onto the sidewalk, roofing debris that has blown off the top of the building, and brick walls that appear to be buckling and ready to collapse.

He says the homeless often break into the building seeking shelter.

The inspectors are expected to report to Codes Enforcement Director Corey Driscoll.

Thereâ??s no word yet on what, if any, action the City will take.