Syracuse lawyer indicted for bribing murder case witnesses

Ezequiel Neuman

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick announced the indictment of a Syracuse area lawyer.

A lawyer from DeWitt, 52-year-old Ezequiel Neuman, was indicted in connection with a plot to interfere with a murder case that was scheduled to go to trial next week.

Neuman is accused of offering a bribe to an inmate in jail and allegedly trying to keep witnesses from testifying in the Emilier Carrasquillo-Fuente's murder case, which was scheduled to start in Onondaga County Court next week.

Carrasquillo-Fuente's is

accused of killing Louis Quinones

in a shooting outside a Syracuse gas station in August 2010. The FBI arrested him in Massachusetts several months later.

Neuman is charged with fourth degree criminal solicitation, fifth degree conspiracy, bribing a witness, fourth degree tampering with a witness, first degree promoting prison contraband, and enterprise corruption.

Neuman is represented by Edward Menkin.