Syracuse makes Top 10 list of best places to find love at work

Syracuse is ranked number 6 on a Top 10 list of best cities to find love at work, according to the online salary database

Chattanooga, Tennessee, tops the list and Albany follows just behind Syracuse at Number 7. reports that people who work in the food industry are most likely to fall in love with a coworker. Dispatchers, advertising and promotions managers, claims adjusters, physicians, actors, and IT managers, are among the top professions most likely to find love at work.'s Top 10

best cities to find love at work:

1. Chattanooga, TN

2. Des Moines, IA

3. Toledo, OH

4. Tucson, AZ

5. Cape Coral, FL

6. Syracuse, NY

7. Albany, NY

8. Madison, WI

9. Tulsa, OK

10. San Antonio, TX's Top 10

best cities to have a fling at work:

1. Indianapolis, IN

2. Memphis, TN

3. Grand Rapids, WY

4. Bradenton, FL

5. Tulsa, OK

6. Minneapolis, MN

7. Buffalo, NY

8. Birmingham, AL

9. Springfield, MA

10. Nashville, TN