Syracuse man accused of dragging police officer in 2005 is accused of running from police again

Leonard Myles

A Syracuse man who left a police officer permanently disabled when he dragged him with his vehicle after being pulled over in 2005 has been arrested again. This time, police say 44-year-old Leonard Myles blew through a stop sign, led police on a chase, and tried to get rid of illegal drugs.

It all started around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday, not far from the Syracuse University campus.Police say Myles drove through a stop-sign at East Taylor and South McBride Street, near Wilson Park.

They caught up with him a few blocks away, where Myles showed a learner's permit, but no license. Then, he drove away.

He was pulled over again where Salt Springs Road meets Bruce Street. That's when Myles got out of the car, carrying a bag which he discarded, and took off running.

After arresting Myles, police looked for the bag they saw him throw elsewhere -- it turned out to hold 17 grams of cocaine.

In 2005, Myles was involved in a similar incident with police. They say he sped away after being pulled over, dragging Officer Sean Goodeve with his vehicle. Goodeve was badly hurt, and is now disabled. Police say Myles had two ounces of cocaine on him at that time.

For the most recent incident, Myles was taken to the county jail, is expected to be arraigned Thursday in Syracuse City Criminal Court.

Myles faces charges of resisting arrest, unlawful fleeing of a police officer in a motor vehicle, several drug charges and traffic tickets.