Syracuse man attacked by pit bull while visiting friend

The home on Putnam Street where the incident took place

It has been more than a month and a half since Laura Kinlock was attacked by a pit bull, but she still has extensive scars and hasn't been able to go back to work. She was invited into a home on Putnam Street on Syracuse's West Side for work when she says the dog suddenly clamped down on her leg.

"It was close to a minute he was latched onto my leg and he had to be pried off my leg by another person in the home - and I thought I was going to die," said Kinlock as she recalled the April 2nd incident.

Syracuse Police responded and the owner, Susan Castle was given an appearance ticket. According to the City of Syracuse's Animal Control Director, Castle never showed up in court for that violation.

Yesterday another man was seriously interested at the same Putnam Street home when he was attacked by a pit bull. 65-year-old Joseph Cregg was seriously injured when the dog bit his arm and leg. A trail of blood leading out of the house was still visible on Tuesday.

Castle's family told CNY Central that Cregg is a family member and stays at the house, but did not knock when he entered and the dogs thought he was an intruder. There is a beware of dog sign by the front door.

Susan Clark was arrested on an bench warrant for not appearing in court for her violation last month. Her family said she was still in jail as of Tuesday night. Tuesday morning she signed the pit bull over to animal control and it will not be going back to her home.

Laura Kinlock said she was sad to hear that the dog had injured someone else and didn't understand why animal control didn't take the dog away after it attacked her.

"It should have been the city that stood up for me when I got bit, and they didn't and that's what's upsetting," said Kinlock.

A family member says 65-year-old Joseph Cregg is recovering in the hospital and they expect him to be released on Wednesday. The hospital listed him in fair condition.

Castle was arrested and charged with two counts of unregistered dog, a city ordinance violation. She's scheduled to appear in court at a later date.