Syracuse man claims police brutality

Alonzo Grant

A Syracuse man claims he was severely beaten by two Syracuse Police officers during his arrest on June 28.

According to Jesse Ryder, the attorney for 51-year-old Alonzo Grant, his client suffered a number of injuries including a broken nose, split lip, facial lacerations and a concussion.

Ryder says Grant called police to his home on Hudson Street to quell a verbal argument between his daughter and a female neighbor. Grant claims that when two police officers arrived, they ignored the statements by Mr.. Grant and his wife that his daughter had left and there was no longer any need for their help.

Grantâ??s other attorney, civil rights lawyer Charles Bonner, says as Grant started walking down his front steps, an officer behind him violently, without warning, charged Mr.. Grant from behind and flung him viciously across his wrought iron railing face down to the ground. He says the second officer put on his black leather gloves, dropping his knees on Mr.. Grant's back. During the scuffle, Bonner claims one of the officers held Grant in a choke hold, pulled back his arm and struck him repeatedly. â??This is not who we are in America. This is Nazi Germany kind of style.â?? Bonner told reporters on Wednesday.

According Ryder, Alonzo Grant faces charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Bonner says they will file a lawsuit against the city, as well as a civil rights suit in Federal Court. They will also file a complaint with the Citizens Review Board.

Syracuse Police Spokesperson Tom Connellan says "because of pending litigation, the department can not comment." Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minerâ??s office also says it â??will not comment on this matter.â??

Because both the Police Department and Grantâ??s attorneys refused to provide reporters with police reports of the incident, CNY Central had to wait until Thursday morning to obtain them from the Syracuse City Court Clerk and provide both sides of the story.

According to the report, Grant was agitated and flailing his arms and yelling obscenities when the officers arrived. When Officer Lockett tried to restrain him, Grant said â??get your hands off me.â?? and then turned violently and grabbed me by the waist. We began rolling around on the groundâ?¦I struck him four times at first while yelling at him to let me go, stop fighting and put his hands behind his back.â??

Alonzo Granâ??s case in Syracuse City Court has been adjourned until August 26. At that time, his attorneys expect the District Attorneyâ??s Office to drop charges.