Syracuse man gets 60 days in jail for stabbing pit bulls with bayonet

An Onondaga County man who stabbed one of his own dogs to death last year will spend a total of two months in jail.

53-year-old Francis Mason of Ash Street in Syracuse was in City Court Monday afternoon to be sentenced on animal cruelty charges. In March of 2013 Mason was walking his two pit bulls when they attacked another dog. Mason says in an effort to get his dogs to stop their attack, he stabbed each of them with a ten inch bayonet. One of the dogs, named Dana, died as a results of her injuries. The other, Lea, survived and was put up for adoption by the DeWitt Animal Hospital.

Last month, Mason was convicted of four counts of animal cruelty, two counts of having an unleashed dog, and two counts of allowing his dogs to attack another dog. The Onondaga County District Attorneyâ??s office says the animal cruelty charges are all misdemeanors, and the other four counts are violations under Syracuse city laws.

Judge Vanessa Bogan sentenced Mason to 60 days in jail, followed by three years of probation. He has already spent approximately half of that time in jail after his arrest and during his trial. The D.A.â??s office says they asked the judge for two years in jail, citing the death of one of the dogs and Masonâ??s two prior felony convictions from the 1980s.

Mason may also not own a dog for three years, and must pay restitution to the owner of the dog that Dana and Lea attacked.