Syracuse man who stabbed dog to death with bayonet found guilty of animal abuse

A Syracuse man was found guilty of animal abuse after stabbing his own dog to death with a 10-inch bayonet.

Francis Mason says he stabbed his two pit bulls last March on Ash street in Syracuse after they attacked a smaller dog. Defense attorney David Zukher said the dogs would not let go of the smaller dog and Mason had to stab his dogs to save the other dog's life. One of Mason's dogs died a short time later, the other survived after treatment at Dewitt Animal Hospital.

Police later charged Mason with misdemeanors for injuring an animal and not providing medical care for them. The prosecutor said Mason should have found another way to handle the situation and noted he did not call 911 or a veterinarian.

A jury deliberated for about three hours before finding Mason guilty on all counts. The judge ordered him held without bail. He is scheduled to be sentenced on March 31.

"There's no question that my client caused the injuries to his animals for the purpose of saving another animal. The question here for the jury was, was that justifiable and they obviously decided it was not," said Zukher.

Mason's attorney believes the maximum he could receive is 2 years in jail.