Syracuse Mayor comments on case of disabled man tased on Centro bus

Brad Hulett

Speaking publicly for the first time, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner remained evasive when asked about her reaction to the May 3rd incident in which police allegedly tased and injured a disabled man on a Centro bus for refusing to sit down.

In an interview with CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon, Miner said, "Obviously Mr. (Brad) Hulett has an attorney and said they are going to be suing the City of Syracuse, along with Centro and other entities, so I canâ??t talk about this case in particular."

Miner did say, however, "When incidents like this happen, that triggers a review from our police department. We are looking at that. Weâ??re talking to Centro too about the rules and regulations that govern when they call the police, and what their expectations are."

Miner emphasized that her administration has "made great strides to assure better relationships with communities and people in the neighborhoods" during her four years as mayor.

Miner refused to give her own, personal assessment of the incident in light of surveillance video, which shows Hulett being tased and dragged off the bus by two police officers after refusing the bus driverâ??s request to sit down. The video also shows police dragging him away from the bus by his leg.

Hulett was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Hulett told Kenyon that he feels his civil rights as a disabled person were violated and that he was harming no one.

Hulett reportedly suffered a broken hip during in the incident and has launched a lawsuit against the City of Syracuse, Centro and Onondaga County, which operates the Justice Center.

Hulett's attorney Rick Guy met with Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick for about a half hour Tuesday afternoon. Guy wants the prosecutor to drop charges against his client.

What happened to Hulett has angered disabled and civil rights advocates. On Wednesday afternoon a group held a rally in front Syracuse Police Headquarters in support of Hulett.