Syracuse Mayor opens State Of The City with funny video

Hoping for some laughs at the start of her annual State of The City message, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner enlisted the help of a U.S Senator and a State Senator who has been asked to run against her.

The video produced by former news videographer and current Town of Salina Supervisor Mark Nicotra shows the Mayor getting ready for, and driving to the State of The City speech. In the video, she takes a call from Senator Charles Schumer, who in a tongue-in-cheek conversation indicates to the Mayor that he is having a press conference in Syracuse. Schumer adds that if the Mayor can't make that event, he is having several more during the same week. Schumer is known for his frequent news conferences.

Later in the video, Mayor Miner takes a call from State Senator John DeFrancisco, who has been asked by the Onondaga County Republican party chair Tom Dadey to consider running against Miner. On the call, DeFrancisco inquires about how much the Mayor makes, and if she gets any time off. Miner counters by saying DeFrancisco is doing a good job in the State Senate and should "be State Senator forever."

Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor and Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney are also featured in the video.