Syracuse mayor pushed Governor Cuomo over future of Upstate cities: Matt's Memo

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner.

The Syracuse's mayor has chosen no less a forum than the New York Times to call out Governor Andrew Cuomo and demand he show leadership in finding long lasting solutions to budget troubles for local governments across the state.

In Stephanie Miner's latest letter published on the Opinion page of the NY Times she asked the governor to stop kicking problems down the road as he has offered with regard to funding pension plans. Miner wrote, "Mr. Cuomo â?? whom I consider an ally, despite some differences of opinion â?? ought to use his substantial, hard-earned political capital to convene the Legislature, the state comptroller, and union and business leaders for an honest conversation about the multiple fiscal pressures confronting our cities."

The last time the mayor sent a letter to the NY Times the governor dispatched his second in command Lt. Governor Robert Duffy to come to Syracuse to suggest the city could be operated by a control board if the mayor doesn't like the budget solutions the governor is offering.

True to her form Stephanie Miner did not capitulate. She instead articulated the problems local government faces. She criticized the burdens and limitations Albany places on local governments. And, she emphasized the time to find new answers is now, before matters get worse.

As much success as the governor has had in his first couple years leading New York. It is exciting to have a politician standing up against him and fighting for the interests of Upstate New York and the communities where we live.


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