Syracuse Mayor's political rival calls her 'part-time Mayor'

The opening shot in the 2013 race for Mayor of Syracuse was fired by a man who wants to force a primary with the sitting Mayor.

In a prepared news release, Common Councilor Pat Hogan says, "We elected Stephanie to be the everyday Mayor of Syracuse, not to be a media pundit or state party boss. It doesn't make sense and I fail to see how either her political part-time job or full time media spat with the Governor helps improve the fiscal crisis in Syracuse." He added, "Being Mayor of Syracuse isn't a hobby or part time job. Showing up counts and unfortunately, Mayor Miner is more interested in her statewide ambitions than in tackling public safety and the impending bankruptcy in a meaningful way."

Hogan's statement came as Mayor Miner is in New York City taking part in a program sponsored by City and State Magazine titled "State of Emergency: Budget Policy and Possible Reforms." The conference also drew Mike Hein, County Executive of Ulster County; Kathleen M. Jimino, County Executive of Rensselaer County; and Mark Poloncarz, County Executive of Erie County.

Councilor Hogan is calling for Mayor Miner to release her official travel schedule detailing how much time she has spent out of the city since she has been Mayor. Tim Carroll, Syracuse Director of Mayoral Initiatives says that has already happened. In a statement, Carroll said, "We already released the Mayor's schedule last year for Onondaga County Republican Chairman Tom Dadey who filed a Freedom of Information Law request. Perhaps Pat should just ask him for a copy since they already appear to be talking regularly." Carroll is referencing lingering questions about whether Hogan will abandon running as a Democrat and challenge Miner as a Republican.

Carroll defended the Mayor's travel pointing out, "People know Mayor Miner is more than a full time Mayor. Just last night, she left for New York after attending Nottingham High school's graduation and she'll be back this afternoon to attend Corcoran's."