Syracuse mother believes her nine-year-old daughter's death was an accident

Jadia Thomas, 9 years old, was found unconscious and later died.

The mother of the 9-year-old
Jadia Thomas says her daughter's death was an accident.

Janet Roberson believes Jadia

-- who was found unconscious last night at their West Glen Avenue address, and later died -- was practicing gymnastics in her room and hurt herself.

Roberson says by the time she realized something was wrong and found her daughter it was too late. Roberson says she tried to get Jadia to breathe but she was not able



Syracuse Police had crime scene technicians and investigators at the family's home from when Jadia was found around 9:30 Monday night until Tuesday afternoon.

When the family was finally allowed back in, Roberson says the house was a mess.

Her family showed CNYCentral several rooms where clothes and belongings had been turned upside down.

Roberson says she just wanted to come home and grieve with family and doesn't understand why the police had to leave her house in such a mess.

On Tuesday afternoon, Roberson was being comforted by family, friends and her pastor.

She said she did not know what to do with the Jadia's Christmas presents.


planned to surprise her with a bracelet making kit she knows the young girl would have enjoyed.