Syracuse Nationals takes over the State Fairgrounds

Syracuse Nationals at the State Fairgrounds this weekend.


his weekend at the New York State Fairgrounds, just about everyone shares the same passion toward cars.

As car enthusiast Roger Charbonneau says, at the Syracuse Nationals, you're going to find sine cars which have a lot of history to them.

"It's very friendly, a lot of nice people, especially the cars you know. A lot stuff you haven't seen in a long time," says Charbinneau. "I own a chop 51 mercury also, that's my custom car. I've had it for 35 years."

Like many others out this weekend, Roger has been building and restoring custom cars for decades. He has made two falcons from the 1960's for his sons. "I think I overdid it with the boys, because they're a little crazy they like to street race too much. I've tried talking them out of it. I mean probably started them at 8 years old," says Charbonneau.

This weekend isn't only about friends and nostalgia, it's also a way for businesses to get noticed here at the fairgrounds. Of the 80,000 who are expected to come throughout the weekend, many look for updated car parts, or will place an order for their own custom car.

Troy Spackan builds custom cars with his business in Northern Pennsylvania. "We don't come to do business, we come to hang out. See our customers, mingle, talk to new potential customers. Having a little bit of a foot in the door in the industry and people to know who you are. All of this stuff is based off of relationships, it's not a sales pitch," says Spackman.

Roger won't give you a sales pitch either, he just wants to continue doing what he loves.

"We're car nuts that's the problem, we never grew up. We think we're still teenagers, but we're not."

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