Syracuse non-profit sets sights on city graduation rates

Less than 50% of students in the Syracuse City School District graduate from high school.

It's a growing concern for Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, a non-profit group dedicated to shoring up the city's dropout rate.

The 3rd Annual Taste of Success fundraising event at the State Fairgrounds helps raise tens of thousands of dollars to do just that.

"These are great kids. These are kids that if we don't step up as adults and try to help them they're not going to graduate and then they're going to be a burden to us as a society,â?? said Wayne Oâ??Connor, Executive Director of Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection.

Oâ??Connor said heâ??s starting to see the hard work pay off.

Heâ??ll be going to five high school graduations in Syracuse this year â?? and credits Hillside with keeping those students on the right track.