Syracuse, Onondaga County save money on lack of snow

Photo Credit: file photo

This warm December is giving the city of Syracuse a break on its budget.

The Syracuse Department of Public Works said the city has saved about $500,000 because of the lack of snowfall this season. That's compared to the same time last year, when we had more than 70 inches of snow by this time. The DPW says without the snow, the department has been able to significantly cut down on overtime and fuel costs.

Meanwhile, Onondaga County's Department of Transportation is seeing savings, too.

According to Commissioner Brian Donnelly, Onondaga County is on pace to save $175,000 this year -- thanks to cutbacks in overtime.

"It certainly is less stressful," he said. "Last year it started snowing around the 6th or 7th of December and then never stopped until early April."

The break from snowfall won't last forever -- which is why the county and city is asking drivers to take it easy on the roads once they're covered in snow.

They're also asking folks to be mindful of snow plows by giving them space to drive and by following odd/even parking on city streets.