Syracuse parents confident they'll crack cold case

For the past 5 years, unanswered questions have kept Larry and Lorraine Stackhouse up at night. "Its been extremely difficult day in and day out, not knowing exactly what happened to our son," said father Larry Stackhouse Sr.

"Everyday has been a struggle, because we don't know and we want to know, because we know someone knows," said mother Lorraine Stackhouse.

Larry Jr. was last seen on December 2, 2005. He left his parent's syracuse house to go a basketball game with friends. He never came home.

Today, as Larry's parents flip through pictures of their son, the pain is just as fresh. "The thought never leaves my mind, we are working the case everyday," said Larry Sr.

Tips led police to the Onondaga Nation but that investigation turned nothing up. Despite the dead end, the family continues to search for answers, digging up information and meeting regularly with Syracuse Police.

"It's still an open investigation, its been a long time now but we continue to follow any leads that come in," said Syracuse Police Sergeant Tom Connellan. "There are definitely people out there who know exactly what happened."

Connellan says those people just aren't coming forward, which is frustrating for both the family and investigators. But the Stackhouse family remains confident they will crack this case. "We are extremely hopeful, and we will never give up," said Larry Sr.

Anyone with information is asked to call Syracuse Police at 442-5222.