Syracuse Police announce locations for new crime cameras

Crime map showing density of "shots fired" reports

Syracuse Police plan to add 19 surveillance cameras across the city after the Syracuse Common Council approved the use of a grant to fund the cameras on Monday afternoon.

"We want to put these cameras where they are going to be most effective; we want to put these cameras where people are suffering the most; we want to put these cameras where people need some type of relief," says Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler.

To help ease privacy concerns, Chief Fowler says the cameras will not be monitored live and video from them will be erased every two weeks. Anyone wanting to access the video will have to get written approval. Chief Fowler says that while some may not like the cameras, video surveillance is the wave of the future.

"If you go to Rochester, Buffalo, Schenectady, New York City, there are security cameras everywhere right now in New York State. This is the direction our country is going and this is another way to keep the public safe," says Chief Fowler.

Four cameras are planned to be installed on South Avenue and Bellevue Avenue. Six are planned for the area of Midland and Colvin streets. Five cameras are planned for the Central Village area, which includes parts of South State Street and Oakwood Avenue.

Two additional cameras are planned for the 700 and 800 blocks of Butternut Street.

In addition, two other cameras will be placed on the cityâ??s west side. Syracuse Chief Fowler says the cameras will be placed in high crime areas that reported the most shots fired incidents.

Police installed 9 cameras on the city's west side in April of 2011. Chief Fowler says that since then, there has been a 25% percent drop in the number of crimes reported in those areas.

"There's no doubt in my mind these cameras work. The numbers speak for themselves and I've seen it," says Chief Fowler.

Money to pay for the new cameras will come from a $680,000 federal grant. The city hopes to begin installing the new cameras in September and have them up by the end of the year.