Syracuse police desperate to find the shooter and weapon

Police continue to search for clues that will connect them to finding the shooter.

'Lives change here.' And, many people who live off of Gifford Street would agree. After last night's shooting, those who heard about what happened say it put them on edge.

Don who only wanted to share his first name

with us

says, "I heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. About six times."

Those were sounds of gunshots not too far from the railroad tracks that left one person injured. But, it didn't stop there. The shooter moved to another location off of South Salina Street where seven to ten more shots were fired.

"When you think about it, you're scared to let your kids go out and play because you don't know if someone is in a bad mood and wants to shoot somebody. Bullets don't have a face or a name," says Tamarah Teague.

As a mother of seven kids, Teague doesn't feel safe having her family living on the near west side anymore.

Most people that we spoke to said they didn't even hear about the shooting whereas others did. But, all and all they say they're not even surprised.

"It's common around here," says Teague.

But, this particular case worries the police. The police told us that the rifle used is extremely powerful. So powerful that it can shoot right through bullet proof vests.

"It certainly put a scare in this area of the community," says Don; who only gave his first name.

That's why police and fire crews were back out on the scene today trying to collect as much evidence as they can to fill in the blanks on what exactly happened last night. But, for neighbors like Tamarah Teague, she's at her breaking point.

"I'm ready to go. I can't live somewhere that anytime of the night or day bullets can be flying through your window or your wall," says Teague.

For now, police will continue to search high and low for any clues that will connect them to finding the shooter.