Syracuse police identify officer involved in Grace Street shooting

S yracuse police are identifying the officer who fatally shot a suspect on Grace Street Thursday night.

The officer is 27-year old Scott Henderson. He was hired by the department in April of 2007 and before that worked for the Manlius Police Department. Police say this is the first time Officer Henderson has been involved in a shooting incident.

On Thursday night, police were called to 216 Grace Street for a harassment call around 6pm. Police say Adam Goodman was on the back porch banging on the door. Police arrived on the scene and tried to communicate with him. It was then police say he showed a BB gun that appeared to be a real firearm. Police say the officer asked Goodman to drop the weapon but he didn't and pointed it at police. That's when police say Officer Henderson fired his gun killing Goodman.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.