Syracuse Police investigating two pit bull abuse cases

Sean Figueroa

Syracuse Police are investigating two animal abuses cases involving pit bulls.

They have arrested a man in connection with an emaciated pit bull found last week. 42-year-old Sean Figueroa, of Rider Avenue, is charged with animal cruelty in connection with the case of Patrick the pit bull. Police say Figueroa has a history of animal abuse.

A neighbor tipped off police to the animal neglect. Investigators say the dog has gained four pounds since he was found and is now doing well.

Syracuse Police are also investigating another case of animal abuse. They say two pit bulls were found dead and badly beaten behind a tree along the 400 block of Onondaga Creek Boulevard on Saturday.

Police say children playing in the area spotted the dog and told an adult. The adult then went with the children and saw the dogs. That's when police were called. The dogs were found with such severe trauma that police are not releasing their pictures.

Police would not go into specifics about the trauma because this is an ongoing investigation, but they did say the first pit bull was black with white under its jaw and on its paws and was severely emaciated. The second dog was a gray and white pit bull.

Police say the dogs were not used for fighting. They are asking for your help finding out who is responsible. "I'm counting on the public to step up in this case as well because as we've also demonstrated that we cannot do this alone. And with the public's help, we can bring these cases to successful conclusion," said Chief Frank Fowler.

If you know anything about the cases, call Syracuse Police at (315) 442-5222 or call Officer Rebecca Thompson who handles all animal abuse cases at (315) 442-5336.