Syracuse Police say two north side robberies are connected

The Syracuse Police said at a new conference Friday that they believe the two north side armed robberies are connected.

One of the robberies left longtime Christian Brotherâ??s Academy baseball coach Thomas Dotterer, 77, in critical condition Wednesday. Dotterer has been head baseball coach at CBA since 1980.

The first armed robbery happened just before 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. Police say two women were robbed of their purses at gun point by three suspects on Taft Avenue near New Court Avenue.

Police say four individuals were likely present at the robbery on Taft Avenue; 18-year-old Deoz Miller-Harris, 19-year-old Shireff J. Williams III, an unidentified suspect, and a female driver. The driver was not reported by the victims, but was spotted by witnesses.

In the time between the Taft Avenue robbery and second robbery around 7:30 p.m., at Dottererâ??s store on North Salina Street, Miller-Harris apparently left the group.

Police say two male suspects, Williams and an unidentified man, entered Dottererâ??s store wearing masks and demanded money. One of the suspects shot Dotterer in the eye. Police say they believe only one shot was fired. Police say they do not know what sort of gun was used.

Witnesses told police they saw three people dressed in dark clothing leave Dottererâ??s store in a maroon Pontiac operated by a female driver. The driver is not believed to have entered Dottererâ??s store

Police say Dotterer was conscious, breathing and bleeding from right eye when they arrived. They say he was able to provide valuable information to police at the scene.

Later on, police stopped a maroon Pontiac located the female driver and Miller-Harris. Miller-Harris was identified by the victimâ??s in the Taft Avenue robbery.

Stolen items from both the Taft Avenue and North Salina Street robberies were located in the vehicle.

Police arrested Deoz Miller-Harris, 18, in regards to the robbery on Taft Avenue. He is charged with two counts of second degree robbery.

Police arrested 19-year-old Shireff J. Williams III, of Ontario Street, in connection with the robbery at Dotterer's store. He is charged with two counts of robbery, assault, and possession of stolen property. Williams was scheduled to be arraigned Friday morning.

The second, unidentified suspect in robbery of Dotterer's store remains at large. The female driver is not being charged at this time.

Dotterer was in critical condition at Upstate University Hospital on Friday morning. He was upgraded to serious but stable condition as of Monday morning.

Police say they have a great deal of physical evidence from the robberies.

Police say this is a "very active and ongoing investigation" and they are asking anyone with information to call 442-5222.