Syracuse Police stepping up patrols for SU vs. Ohio State game

Extra security tonight as Syracuse plays Ohio State for a chance at the Final Four

Syracuse police will step up patrols Saturday night as the Syracuse Orange take on Ohio State in the Elite 8.

Police say they have learned from the past, in April of 2003 when the Orange beat Texas in the semi-finals of the NCAA, riots broke out on campus. More than a dozen arrests on Marshall Street, as fans celebrated the win by setting fires and climbing trees.

Steven Papazides who works at Acropolis on the SU Hill, remembers this mayhem very well.

"Total chaos," he said."There were people climbing up the trees, ripping them apart. They were lighting their underwear on fire and running around naked."

Syracuse police are working on their game plan to keep SU fans under control. Officers don't expect any problems but say they are being proactive just in case by stepping up patrols, enforcing more dwi checks and preparing for crowd control. They will also focus on key areas like Armory Square and the SU hill.

"If we win I bet there will be a huge riot, on the quad," said student Greg Hynes. "I trust police around here and I think every campus needs control for big events like this."

Students on the hill say the campus is energized. And whether the orange win or lose they think students will react in a big way.

"I think it's going to be crazy, win or lose," said Theresa Lapuma. "I don't think anything is going to get super out of control but there are always a few people who take it a little too far."


Police say if the orange win tomorrow and advance to the final four, they'll have an even bigger police presence on the hill.