Syracuse Police want public's help in suspicious incident at Red Lobster

Police are looking for information on this van, which is the vehicle the woman was dragged into in the Red Lobster parking lot.

Syracuse Police say a woman was dragged from a car into the back of a minivan around 8:10 Tuesday night in the parking lot of Red Lobster on Erie Boulevard.

An employee taking a cigarette break watched the minivan pull up to the car and saw an African-American man get out.

The man yelled at the woman in the backseat of the car. He then dragged her from the car and into the minivan before driving off.

Police want the public's assistance in learning more about the incident.

"What we're asking from the public is for people to take a good look at this car, the minivan, and the other car," said Sergeant Tom Connellan. "And anyone who may have any information about a woman that may have been at Red Lobster tonight [Tuesday] having dinner, we really just want to check on this woman's well-being."

If you have information about the incident, you are encouraged to call Syracuse police at 422-5222.