Syracuse promises catchup on yard waste pickups

In Syracuse's Valley, yard waste has been sitting at curbside for 3 weeks. The city says it's fixed the problem and will catch up on pickups, by the end of June

Syracuse City Hall recognizes it's a quality of life issue, and promises to catch up this year, and make changes for next spring, after piles and bags full of yard waste have been sitting on curbs, waiting for pickups, as much as three weeks late.

At Syracuse CityLine (448-CITY) they've been taking complaint and question calls, as DPW crews have struggled to do the springtime cleanup.

Bill Ryan, Chief of Staff for the city, says the trucks that have been broken are now fixed, and they've gotten a loaner as well.

Crews are in the Valley and Southeast quadrant today, and expect to be in the Southwest by the end of the week. Next is the Northwest, with the Northeast by the end of the month.

The Northeast, including Eastwood and the Sedgwick neighborhoods, saw their last month's pickup (scheduled for the first week of the month) picked up last week.

Ryan says that next year, they'll re-structure the early season pickups so that crews are in each quadrant for two weeks, not just one, with monthly pickups to start in June. He hopes that will ease the heavy workload as residents clean out their gardens and have extra yard waste.