Syracuse reacts to being crowned a top city for drinking

Syracuse is ranked as the U.S. city with the sixth most bars per capita.

Syracuse bars are now ranked among the top in the nation. According a recent Huffington Post article, Syracuse is one of the Top Metros for Drinking. The city ranked sixth overall. The rankings are based on the number of bars compared to the number of households. Many were not surprised to hear about the ranking. "I think a lot of it has to do with the weather here, the little bit of the dreary winter vibe," said Adam Eagan, Managing Partner of Empire Brewing Company. "People here love to drink," said recent Syracuse University graduate Areesh Haq. "And there's so many breweries as well, like Empire right here and the Suds Factory. So I think it's just like, a big place for local beer." Others were not so thrilled with the city's new distinction. "I think it might embarrass a few people to think they might be a part of that survey that is on the negative side, but you know, that's life," said Daniel Heagerty of Syracuse. One customer at a local bar pointed out that the ranking should be put into perspective. "Does it meant that people here drink all the time?" said Matthew Stewart of Syracuse. "No. But when we go out, we have fun. And it's nice to be recognized for having a good scene for it." Syracuse is in good company in the rankings, alongside cities like Honolulu, New Orleans, and San Francisco.