Syracuse retail stores already selling Christmas decorations

Local stores already getting in the holiday spirit

Jason Butterfield's kids can't wait until Christmas, and apparently neither can local retailers.

"I think it's a little early," says Butterfield.

Hobby Lobby and Target already have their Christmas decorations on display. After a quick shopping trip, Stace Lemondes says it's a tad absurd.

"Christmas is a great time of year but it's way too early. The state fair just ended," says Lemondes.

Vicky Sokolowski noticed the displays during a shopping trip at Target.

"I understand be prepared, but we avoided the aisles because we're like 'it's too early for Christmas'," says Sokolowski.

Tom Flynn also thinks it's too early to buy Christmas decorations.

"It's just too early. You got halloween coming up and I don't know. I know they do it every year but it just doesn't seem proper," says Flynn.

At Hobby Lobby there is no shortage of Christmas decorations. I counted, and there are 13 aisles and 10 mini center displays. For Halloween, there were only 5 aisles and 5 center displays.

"I feel bad for Halloween. It's a great holiday and you'd think there would be more aisles because of the costume aspect," says Sokolowski.

At some retail stores, Halloween takes a back seat so there's room to deck the halls with Christmas cheer earlier every year.