Syracuse runners should not let winter keep them inside

Fred Joslyn and Matt Mulcahy.

Our CNYCentral Ready, Set, Run! Series continues with Matt Mulcahy talking and running with marathoner and Fleet Feet running coach Fred Joslyn.

The Central New York winter time elements of snow and cold are not enough reason to avoid the outdoors this time of year. Joslyn said there is no reason to stop running outside in the winter as long as you're dressed right. "It's surprising how few days are actually bad enough that you can't be outside, " said Joslyn. "On a typical winter day, dressed in layers, wearing the right gear we're out here to enjoy a run."

Joslyn says stretching is an important part of getting in shape, but you shouldn't stretch until you have warmed up or even completed your training run. "If you had to choose stretching before or after your run," said Joslyn. "It would actually be better to stretch after your run."

Listening to your body is an important part of running. If you feel something out of place or a twinge of pain somewhere it's important to not push too hard and cause an injury that might linger and hurt your training for a number of days or weeks.