Syracuse students camp out for front row seats against Georgetown

A lot of people want great seats to Syracuse's game against Georgetown next Wednesday. Not many of them would be willing to spend six days of camped out on a cold concrete slab to get them. On Thursday, freshman Thaney Cockrell and more than a dozen other SU students set up camp outside the Carrier Dome so they could be first in line when the student section opens up.

"I think it's something everyone should do at least once while they're here," said Cockrell as she watched a movie on her laptop computer.

The line of tents is tucked into a stairwell of the dome. The scene looks a little like "Occupy the Carrier Dome" but with laptops, textbooks and iPads.

"Not as warm as the dorm but it works, it's a lot of fun," said freshman Mac Kaseman. "Trying to get TV, watch the Super Bowl on Sunday."

The students are working in teams to hold their place. With SU ranked # 2 and Georgetown at # 14, just about everyone wants a front row seat when these traditional rivals tip off.

"It's just scheduling with your friends. Who can be here when who has class when - Someone's always here," said Cockrell. "It's like class, come back to the dome, class, come back to the dome - you get used to it."

Some students are really dedicated and are planning on resuming the camp out after the Georgetown game so they can get front row seats for the UConn game a few days later.