Syracuse technology students remember Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs / file photo

For students at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, Steve Jobs is an iconic figure, one who forever changed the way they communicate.

Grad student David Rosen spent the morning reading fellow students' reactions to Jobs' death on the school's blog, "Information Space." Like most students, Rosen has an iPad and iPhone that are always by his side.

"In my generation, you have to have your iPhone with you. You feel like something is wrong if you don't have it with you, because you have all of your information there. You can connect to the world through your phone," he says.

But Steve Jobs did much more than create products that connected generation. Jobs created a new way of thinking about technology. It is a message that resonates with students like Alyssa Henry.

"He represents staying hungry and he spoke to that. Every time he spoke in public. I feel our generation takes that to heart. We're not afraid to be innovative. We're not afraid to change the world because Steve Jobs told us that we could," she says.

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