Syracuse University Chancellor willing to learn from 2005 Bernie Fine investigation

Nancy Cantor

Nancy Cantor has said very little in public since last fall when the Bernie Fine sexual abuse scandal first surfaced public


. Now, as she waits for a new review to asses the investigation Syracuse Univer


ty commissioned in 2005, she's making her first public comments on the matter.

Cantor was a guest on The Jim Reith Show on WCNY-TV where she said the leak of the 2005 investigation could impact future internal investigators conducted by the University.

"From my perspective, that is front and center. We need to be sure that people who speak to us on these sensitive matters can do so and know that what they say will not be compromised," Cantor told Reith.

She added, "We need people to feel that they can talk to us with candor and straightforwardness. But we are also an institution of higher learning and we want to be sure that we are thorough."

The Chancellor and members of the Board of Trustees now await the results of a sep


rate investigation being conducted by a New York City law firm which is looking at the 2005 SU investigation.

"We want to learn from what we did, and where we go," Cantor said.

As a follow up question, Jim Reith asked Cantor what she wants people to know about the leadership at Syracuse University. Cantor responded, "What we want to say is that we are straightforward and really want to approach even the toughest of issues with a sense of integrity and committment to the people who do entrust their sons and daughters to Syracuse and we will con


nues to do that. We are also a learning institution and we want to do our best, we also want to be thorough and reflect on what we do."