Syracuse University hosts big social media conference

Hundreds of people attended a first of its' kind conference on social media at Syracuse University Thursday.

#140cuse focused on how real-time web is changing our lives. It took a look at how social medial is impacting areas like business and education. SU is the first campus to host the event. People could watch a live feed of the event online. The founder is hopeful it will help people understand how social media is affecting everyday lives.

"A big takeaway is that you never have to be alone again," Founder Jeff Pulver said. "If you are ever feeling alone, or if you are ever feeling disconnected, if you're feeling like you're the only one in the word experiencing something, chances are there's someone else experiencing it, or will, or has, and they are online. All they are is a tweet away."

Earlier in the day the conference was trending nationwide on Twitter. Our own Matt Mulcahy spoke at the event.