Syracuse University introduces next Chancellor

Chancellor-designate Kent D. Syverud

On Thursday, Syracuse University introduced Nancy Cantorâ??s successor as Chancellor of the school.

Kent D. Syverud, dean of the School of Law at Washington University in St. Louis, was chosen to be the 12th Chancellor and President of Syracuse University. Syverud attended Irondequoit High School outside of Rochester, graduated from Georgetown University, and earned economics and law degrees at the University of Michigan.

The announcement

, made by the SU Board of Trustees, was made after a unanimous vote on Wednesday.

â??Chancellor-designate Syverud is exceptionally well prepared to guide SU as we seek to build on our tremendous momentum and continue to raise SUâ??s profile while fulfilling its proud legacy,â?? says Chairman Richard Thompson. â??Throughout the selection process, he distinguished himself by the impressive range and depth of experience he brings from being a faculty member and academic leader at some of the nationâ??s best universities.â??

Syverud will take the reigns in January 13, 2014, as Nancy Cantor moves on to Rutgers University-Newark.â??Syracuse University is an inspiring institution,â?? says Chancellor-designate Syverud. â??One of its most striking characteristics is the way that every constituencyâ??faculty, students, staff, alumniâ??exudes a balance of humility and ambition, which, I believe, is the essence of what has enabled SU to be so boldly innovative and achieve such great things throughout its history. I am honored by the opportunity to lead SU, determined to help every part of it achieve its potential and, together, carry forward this remarkable legacy.â??

Chancellor-designate Syverud met and addressed the SU community Thursday afternoon at Hendricks Chapel. Syverud told those gathered before him that he had two words to share with them â?? "Iâ??m in."

"You have no idea what a big deal Syracuse University was for me growing up and my family. It defined a lot of things including education, college sports, spirit," said Syverud.

Syverud attended Georgetown University from 1974 to 1977 but says he wanted to make it clear to the Syracuse community that he is a lifelong SU fan.

"I have rooted for Syracuse since I was a kid, while I was at Georgetown and since I was at Georgetown.""I'm going to spend quite a bit of time before I get here in January just learning about the place from the students, the faculty and the staff, the coaches and the community.

Syverud added that Georgetown had not joined the Big East when he was there but hopes to keep the classic Rivalry going.

"Iâ??m very hopeful that Georgetown can also be a great university, and have the courage to face us every year in basketball."

Syverud will start at Syracuse in January. He says he does not want to seta vision or plan for the university until he has had time to understand all the elements that make it unique.

"I'm going to spend quite a bit of time before I get here in January just learning about the place from the students, the faculty and the staff, the coaches and the community," said Syverud.

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