Syracuse University officer struck by lightning

Damage from lightening strike seen on the SU Department of Public Safety patrol car

A Public Safety Peace Officer at Syracuse University is recovering after being struck by lightning just before midnight Sunday.

Syracuse University's Department of Public Safety confirm officer Stan Prue was hit by lightning as he was exiting his patrol car at 621 Skytop Road at the height of Sunday night's thunderstorms. As his foot touched the road, he was shocked and thrown about four feet and knocked unconscious.

A second officer, Ed Weber, was with Prue at the time of the incident. Webber was also stunned in the strike and became disoriented and nauseated. Officials say Weber couldnâ??t see Prue after he was knocked down. Weber first thought a loud boom following the strike was gunfire and called for emergency responders.

Emergency responders arrived a few minutes after the call. By the time they arrived, Prue was beginning to regain consciousness.

Prue is recovering in the burn unit at Upstate Hospital. Officials would not comment on his condition.

Weber was also treated at the hospital and has been released.

Officials say the lightening strike happened during a break in the storm and it wasnâ??t raining at the time.

(Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.)

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