Syracuse University says tweet about Jim Boeheim retiring is not true

Screen shot of the tweet

Syracuse University's official

Twitter account

mistakenly sent a tweet Wednesday regarding head basketball coach Jim Boeheim.

The tweet in question appeared after the No. 17 Orange beat DePaul on Senior Night.

It read, "Did I just watch Jim Boeheim's last game in the Carrier Dome? One source says yes." It also contained a

link to a blog

post on that said Boeheim had been asked to retire by a university official.

The tweet was immediately deleted.

The blog was written by

Mike Ortiz Jr.,

a student at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. Ortiz later told The


that he stands by his source.

Kevin Quinn, the university's senior vice president for public affairs, said the tweet was inadvertently and mistakenly sent. "Nothing contained in the tweet or the blog link is accurate or true," Quinn wrote in an email. "We apologize for the confusion."

When asked by CNYCentral whether the account was hacked or how the mistake happened, we received this statement. â??The official SU Twitter account is managed by full-time staff and we also have a team of talented student intern contributors. The student intern team structure has existed since 2010. We have a great student team, but as any good organization does, we are reviewing what occurred and assessing our protocols to ensure that something like this doesnâ??t happen again.â??

Around midnight, Syracuse

University also tweeted

, "#OrangeNation: Earlier tonight a tweet was mistakenly sent. Nothing in the tweet was true or accurate and we apologize for the confusion."

Many large schools and businesses are still learning their way around social media says consultant Maria Snyder. She says SU just learned a tough lesson the hard way.

"The aspect of tweeting out from a reputable Twitter account lends credibility to what's being tweeted and maybe truth if the truth isn't there and that's the problem with this tweet," said Snyder.

Angela Trapasso from Syracuse internet and social media company Terakeet says mistakes like the one SU made should be a good learning experience for other brands.

"The more authentic you can be, the more of a human voice you can put behind the brand, that's what's going to be effective at the end of the day but without those parameters put into place, it could spin out of control," said Trapasso.

(Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.)