Syracuse University student viral video to appear on â??The Ellen Showâ??

A Syracuse University student, following dental surgery, was convinced she was pop-star Hannah Montana and was caught on camera explaining the challenges of maintaining her secret celebrity identity.

The video of Hannah Melton, captured by Hannah Redfield, has gone viral on the web. The video, and Melton, will appear on NBCâ??s "The Ellen Show" Thursday afternoon.

Redfield submitted the video as an assignment for a School of Information Studies (iSchool) class titled Social Media and the Enterprise. The goal of the assignment was to make a viral video, challenging students to understand why and how content spreads from person to person.

"This assignment is an exploration in Internet Anthropology," says iSchool Professor Anthony Rotolo, who teaches the course, in an article on the school's website.

The video was posted to YouTube on March 24 and currently has over 137,000 views.

Melton and Redfield are both students at SU's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

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