Syracuse University taking its education to new heights

Cuse Challenge Course now open on the South Campus of Syracuse University.

The Cuse Challenge Course and Outdoor Education on the South Campus of Syracuse University is now officially open. It features a series of high- and low-rope team-building elements, a dual zip-line, not to mention an incredible view of Syracuse and Onondaga Lake.

The interim Vice President of Student Affairs, Rebecca Kantrowitz, is excited about this opportunity to expand education on campus.

"On a beautiful hilltop where people can come and be beside themselves and learn to challenge themselves and do things they never thought they could do before," says Kantrowitz.

Even though the course is located on the SU campus, it's not only for students. Anyone can use the course, all they need is a group reservation.

The Associate Director for Outdoor Education and Student Development, Scott Catucci, hopes groups and businesses will jump on board and take advantage of the opportunity to build teamwork, trust, communication, and cooperation.

"When you first look at it, it may seem intimidating. We walk you though a bunch of series and processes that help you understand that once you're up there you can get through it with the help of your group, your peers, and teammates," says Catucci.

Whether it's a fear of heights or fitting in

when you complete the cuse challenge, you will feel like you're on top of the world.

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