Syracuse University warns students about off campus crime

Daily Orange headline reads 'High Alert'

The Syracuse University Department of Public Safety (DPS) is cautioning all students after recent criminal incidents around campus.

The incidents of concern involve a

weekend stabbing outside of Acropolis Pizza

on Marshall Street and non-Syracuse University students attempting to gain access to student parties. DPS reported that there was a

possible firearm discharge

on Marshall Street last week.

SU junior Ali Grauert said she tries to move around campus with a group of friends and has been more aware of her surroundings.

"It definitely makes me more wary and cautious about where I'm walking; especially when it's late at night," said Grauert.

Both Syracuse Police and DPS say the Marshall Street incident did not involve SU students, but they are still very concerned. Syracuse Police spokesman Tom Connellan said on Tuesday that some gang members have caused problems on Marshall Street and have also been showing up uninvited at some off campus parties. Connellan says the gang members are likely trying to sell drugs to college students at the parties.

In a

Public Safety Update

, DPS recommends that students avoid Acropolis Pizza late at night.

"There have been four incidences since may that present some problems for us and I have an obligation to let the students know where there's a place that presents some problems," said SU Public Safety chief Tony Callisto.

The owner of Acropolis Pizza told CNYCentral that SU's recommendation for students to stay away is ridiculous and that the late night pizza spot is not responsible for fights between customers.

DPS and Syracuse Police say they have significantly increased patrols in the university area and on Marshall Street. Students were also warned that an increased number of high school students from across Onondaga County have been trying to get into college student parties. Police said SU students should call 911 if uninvited guests try to enter a party.

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