Syracuse Universityâ??s Otto the Orange enters Ellenâ??s Dance Dare

Otto the Orange

Otto the Orange has entered Ellenâ??s Dance Dare contest.

Ellen is asking viewers to submit videos of them dancing around people who donâ??t notice them. Ellen will air some on her show and those shown will win an unannounced prize.

Syracuse University and Otto the Orange have entered Ellenâ??s Dance Dare. The video features Otto dancing on Marshall Street, in Bird Library, and in other various buildings and offices across campus.

We spoke with Otto on Monday about why he decided to enter the contest.

"Otto loves to dance, and he's got some great dance moves," says Julie Wallas, the assistant coach of Syracuse University's mascot program. "Ellen issued this challenge, and Otto came to my office and showed me the video and said, 'I have to do this!'"

This is also a chance for Otto to show off his new look. He has a new Nike hat, new eyes, new blue arms, and he's a little bigger than he used to be.

Otto showed us some of his moves and even had a dance-off with SU junior Sam Morrison.

"He's the man," says Morrison. "He's got what it takes. I think he could go all the way."

"I actually quite frankly think he would give Ellen a run for her money," says SU graduate student Stephanie Santoso.

Otto hopes he'll win a trip to Los Angeles, where he can dance for Ellen in person.

If youâ??ve entered the contest, share your video with us by leaving the link in the comments section or posting it to our Facebook page.

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