Syracuse vice principal attacked by 10-year-old student

A vice principal at a Syracuse elementary school is recovering after being attacked.

Syracuse City School District officials say a 10-year-old, who is a 5th grader, struck the vice principal in the face. They would not be specific about the injuries, but say the vice principal is doing ok.

District leaders will not say which school this happened at and will not identify the administrator who was hurt.

A source tells CNYCentral the girl punched the administrator while on a First Student bus outside of Delaware Academy. The incident was reportedly caught on videotape.

The student was disciplined in accordance with the Code of Conduct. The district will not say what that entails.

Syracuse Police say they were never contacted about the incident and are looking into it.

This comes on the heels of several other recent incidents in Syracuse Schools. On Wednesday, Grant Middle School was locked down after police say a student brought an air gun into school. Police say a 14-year-old male student brought an air gun, also known as a BB gun, onto school grounds.

Just a day before, a 2nd grade student at McKinley-Brighton Elementary School brought an unloaded handgun into school. Police say an eight-year-old boy and a friend were playing with the .22 caliber handgun in the lunchroom when a staff member spotted the student with the weapon and immediately confiscated it. No one was injured and the school was not locked down.

The Friday before, a Syracuse woman and her daughter were arrested after an incident at Nottingham High School. Police say the pair barged their way into the building to enact revenge on a student who was fighting with a family member. 36-year-old Corinne Monaghan and her daughter 17-year-old Rae Shanda Stephens are facing charges in that case.