Syracuse will decide what to do about crumbling building on Water Street before winter

There are some new developments surrounding a building at the corner of Water Street and Townsend Street in Syracuse that is literally falling apart.

The Syracuse Codes Enforcement Department tried to secure the crumbling building by placing a lock on an open door and screwing a board over a gaping hole near the foundation.

Codes Enforcement Director Corey Driscoll ordered a re-inspection of the building following CNY Central's coverage of a complaint by John Kuppermann. He owns Smith Restaurant Supply across the street. Kuppermann showed our Jim Kenyon a large area where the roof caved in and sections where bricks are about to fall onto sidewalks.

Corey Driscoll says inspectors have checked the buckling walls but she says the building will not collapse in the next few days. Driscoll says the City will have to make a decision on what to do about the building before winter.

Driscoll indicated that the City may hire a company to assess the cost of demolition. She says because of a concrete ramp inside the structure, the original estimated demolition cost of $100,000 is too low. Driscoll told Kenyon that the City may have a difficult time paying for the demolition because there may not be enough money in the fund for such projects.

The building is owned by a limited liability corporation based in Brooklyn and could not be reach for comment.