Syracuse women's shelter, Exodus House, celebrates one year anniversary

Exodus House on North Geddes Street celebrates one year anniversary.

Exodus House is a faith-based women's shelter on North Geddes Street in Syracuse celebrating it's one year anniversary.

Looking at her now, you would never know that not very long ago founder Debra Person was abusing drugs and alcohol to deal with decades of personal pain.

"I was abused as a young child. I was raped four times and I was able to mask that pain for many many years because the people who assaulted me, said to me that I was never to tell anyone," says Person.

Opening the Exodus House was a dream of Person's after a similar home in Schenectady called Serenity House saved her life.

"They loved on me until I loved myself. That was foreign to me for so many years. They accepted me," says Person.

Liz Garcia was the first woman to enter the Exodus House.

"When I walked in the door, I was a shattered woman. I'd been through 7-8 years of an abusive domestic relationship," says Garcia.

Now Garcia will be the first to leave when she graduates this weekend.

"After a year of preparation, I'm ready to become self sufficient, go back into the world and hold down a job and become a productive person in society," says Garcia.

Before coming here, all of these women were on a downward spiral for different reasons. Samantha Volles came to the Exodus House in May.

"I was in a very deep hole. I was living in Baldwinsville with my boyfriend and I was in a drug addiction from heroin for about two years," says Volles.

On Saturday October 19, Exodus House sends off the first woman to complete its program, prepared to take in more who need help changing their lives.