Syracuse's baby falcons starting to fly

The first of Syracuse's Peregrine falcons has left the State Tower Building nest box, but did not fly very far the first time out.

Here is an account from observer George Marleu:

"Pilgrim was the first to successfully fledge. After several test flights of short duration, roughly 10 feet from pillar to pillar along the balcony parapet, he flew from the nest box to the west end of the parapet, about sixty feet. He then returned to the nest box by hopping down to the lower ledge and jumping back up to the pillar, one section at a time. He seemed to be able to fly into the wind, but was hesitant to fly with the wind. After two more of these trips, he finally decided to try to fly back to the nest box. He was unable to maintain altitude flying with the wind and dropped below the nest box, circled around the building to the south, then reversed course and came back around to the north side, landing on a window ledge on the 16th floor. This was about 7:30PM. He spent the next half hour exploring every window on that level that he could reach by traversing the connecting ledges. Eventually he gave up and lay down for the night. The other three youths remained at the nest box. Chinook had been following Pilgrim along the ledges, but hasn't flown as far as Pilgrim. After he disappeared, Chinook seemed to lose his enthusiasm for adventure. Meanwhile, sister Chase has come out of the box and began exercising her wings in earnest. Hiawatha remains alone in the box, the reluctant sister who never gets out, but always seems to get fed by the adults regardless of her situation."

You can watch the State Tower Building nest box at