Syracuse's Eastwood neighborhood prepares for President Obama's visit

Heavy police presence at Henninger High School in Syracuse as the City prepares for President Obama's visit on Thursday

Neighbors along Teall Avenue in Syracuse are getting ready for the presidential motorcade that will roll through on Thursday.

President Obama will speak at Henninger High School and many say it will be nice to have the Eastwood area in the national spotlight.

F.R. Brice Florist is just around the corner from Henninger. The staff plans to decorate the outside of the building with flags and red, white and blue decorations. "We're going to set up early, we hope that by example a lot of our neighbors around here would do that. So if we can generate some of that it would be great," said Ann Beaulieu.

Beaulieu's grandchildren will also have a lemonade stand set up outside the flower shop with proceeds going to charity.

Other neighbors are preparing for a front row seat. Many have invited friends and family to watch the motorcade arrive at Henninger.

"How many chances do you get to see the President of the United States? Whether you vote for him or not - he's still the President of the United States," said Jerry Iwanaski.

Syracuse officials have asked neighbors to prepare for traffic and road closures on Thursday. The timing of the President's visit and the route he will take have not been determined yet.

The Henninger High School Jazz Band will play for President Obama when he makes an appearance at the school this Thursday, according to a notice posted on the band's Facebook page.